Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike Reviews

Dahon’s most economically priced bike, the Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike is ideal for those on a budget who need a reliable folding bike for purposeful commuting. The model has been upgraded for 2011 and features a Radius V handlepost and Fusion integrated fork. Folding is quick and easy as with all Dahons – it folds in under 15 seconds.

Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike - Brick Red

Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike – Brick Red

Product Features and Specifications

-Folds in under 15 seconds
-Forged aluminium Radius V handlepost
-Shimano 6 speed for comfortable urban and suburban commuting
-Stable ride with BioLogic II frame geometry
-Hi tensile steel frame
-Alloy, silver, center mounted kick-stand
-20” wheels
-Weight : 26.7 pounds
-Weight (shipping) : 37 pounds
-Recommended rider height : 4 ft 8 inches to 6 ft 4 inches
-Max rider weight : 230 pounds

The Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike, Brick Red has received some very positive reviews at Amazon.com and is currently rated 4.8/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

Although the Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike has received mostly positive feedback, it has received a few negative reviews from customers, who have found some of the features less than impressive.

One common complaint with the bike is in the folding mechanism. Some reviewers complained that the folding hinge is a little tight and so folding and unfolding takes extra time and effort. Adding a little lubricant and using the bike a few times can help to overcome this problem. If it persists, ask mechanic for help.

Some of the customers found the seat uncomfortable over long distances. Replacing it or using a gel seat cover will make the ride softer and more comfortable.

Rolling the bike when folded is a little tricky because of poor balance. However, at 27 pounds, it is light enough to be carried.

The Positive Reviews

With an average of 4.8 stars out of 5, the Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike, Brick Red has obviously received a lot of positive feedback from its customers.

The Dahon Eco C6 is an extremely economical bike and offers great value for money. It is the cheapest folding bike to boast the Dahon tag and offers all that is good about Dahon in one smart package.

Overall quality of the Eco C6 is topnotch. High-tensile steel frame is sturdy and light. At 27 pounds, it is light enough to carry.

Customers are generally pleased with the ride quality, which is smooth. The slightly twitchy handling makes it great fun to ride.

The 6 gears make it easy to ride the bike against the wind or up a hill.


Would we recommend the Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike to our readers?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

The Dahon Eco C6 offers great value and is an ideal bike for first time buyers. Yet, it offers plenty to satisfy the experienced rider as well. The quality of materials is first class and in league with much costlier bikes. The folding mechanism could be a little better but works fine once you get used to it. The Eco C6 is perfect for around-the-town commuting and the occasional longer jaunt. While you may have to look elsewhere if you’re into serious biking, the Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike, Brick Red is a great looking and affordable companion for the city dweller.

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