Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike Reviews

A serious performer, the Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike is a go-anywhere bike that combines the handling of 26” wheels combined with the convenience of a folding design. The bike needs only minor assembly before it can be used and is soon good to go. The Jack is designed to go over anything in its path. The “modest” seven speeds keep things simple but provide effective riding comfort in almost any terrain.

Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike

Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike

Product Features and Specifications
-Lightweight 7005 aluminium frame with a Joe Murray design, custom drawn Sonus tubing
-Head tube made with patented ReBar technology
-Dahon Fusion headset with a Zero stack cartridge
-InfiniteAdjust patented stem technology for instantaneous height adjustments
-7-speed gear shift
-Straight fork with integrated design
-Microadjusting seat post for comfort and stability
-Rack and mudguards included
-26” wheels
-Weight : 27 pounds
-Weight (shipping) : 37 pounds
-Recommended rider height : 5 ft 2 inches to 6 ft 4 inches
-Max rider weight : 230 pounds

The Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike has received some very positive reviews at Amazon.com and is currently rated 4.3/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

Although the Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike has received mostly positive feedback, it has received a few negative reviews from customers, who have found some of the features less than impressive.

Being a 26” bike, some of the reviewers complained that they had difficulty in carrying the bike on a bus or train. This is, however, expected with regular-wheeled bikes. For truly portable folders, one should look at 20 inch wheels.

Another common complaint is regarding after sales service. The instruction manual is unclear and one customer complained of poor service after encountering a problem with his bike. This, may, however be an isolated incident as the guys at Dahon are generally quite prompt.

Although the Dahon Jack is marketed as a go-anywhere bike, it is best-suited for urban commuting and can withstand moderate bumps.

The Positive Reviews

With an average of 4.3 stars out of 5, the Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike has obviously received a lot of positive feedback from its customers.

The Dahon Jack features a lightweight 7005 aluminium frame making it one of the lighter 26-inch wheeled folders at 27 pounds. This aids in transportation.

The fat tires have a kevlar belting that makes them puncture resistant. This is a great relief for urban commuters.

Another nifty feature that many reviewers found helpful is the BioLogic PostPump, which is basically a seat post with an integrated pump. Inflate tires on the go.

The Dahon Jack has the usual advantages of 26-inch wheels including reduced harshness over bumps and sturdy handling.

Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike

Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike


Would we recommend the Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike to our readers?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

The Dahon Jack offers a serious riding experience over and above the obvious comforts of a folding bike. The 7 speed gearbox will take you to the top of any hill and the 26-inch wheels will provide enough protection from annoying bumps. Valuable features like the kevlar belting and the integrated pump will ensure that you are never stuck. The Jack may not be the most portable of folders, however it is compact enough to store in your apartment or office. All in all, the Dahon Jack 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike may just be the perfect intra-city commuter you’ve always wanted.

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