Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow Review

The successor to the hugely popular Mu Uno, the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow is a newer and ever simpler bike and features a single speed system. Weighing only 24 lbs, it has a rear coaster brake, which means that to apply the brake all you have to do is pedal backwards. The company’s Doublelok feature has been added for maximum security and the handy magnetic latching system is a big advantage, ensuring that the bike stays in one compact form when folded. Carrying it around is a breeze. There are no brake or shifter cables, and practically nothing to tweak or adjust. For its price, it is an excellent option for flat commuting.

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow

Product Specifications and Features

  • Foldable in 10 seconds
  • Single speed
  • BioLogic FreeDrive
  • Coaster brakes
  • Weight (shipping) : 30.4 pounds
  • For riders of height 4 ft 8 inches to 6 ft 4 inches

The Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow has received mostly positive feedback at Amazon.com and is currently rated 4.5/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

While the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike has received mostly positive feedback, there a few negative points that customers found less than impressive.

The plastic pedals that come with the bike can be a bit flimsy, and in some cases came off within a short span of time. However, they shall suffice for the average user, and if the problem persists, one can always change the pedals for sturdier ones.

Some customers found the pedal brakes a little juvenile. This isn’t a big problem once you get used to them.

Because of the single gear system, it is a little tedious on climbs. The bike is ideal for flat pathways.

The small wheels do require constant pedalling to maintain speed. However, this is true of most foldable bikes.

The Positive Reviews

The Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow has received some very good reviews and there are many aspects of the product that have pleased its customers.

Most customers love it for its ‘fun to ride’ quality. The pedal brakes are enormous fun once you’re used to them, and can be used for spectacular skidding stops.

It is light and compact. There are no levers or cables, so it can be folded conveniently and carried anywhere. No need to lock it outside the office – just fold the bike and carry it right into your cubicle.

Due to its light weight, there were concerns as to its stability. However, the Dahon is an extremely sturdy bike and will feel perfectly stable  as long as the rider is within the specified weight and height limit.

It is totally portable and can be carried anywhere, in a car, bus, plane or boat.

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow


Would we recommend the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow to our readers?

Absolutely, and here is why:

The Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike combines form and practicality like no other bike in its range, and is as aesthetically pleasing as it is convenient. It is child-like in nature and mature in its delivery. It simply cannot bore you even on the straightest, flattest road and will leave a trail of peeking glances wherever it goes. Whether you are a student or office-goer, the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow is exactly what you need to add that extra bit of spice to your daily commute.

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