Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike Reviews

Ideal for small homes, the Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike features 8 inch wheels and an aluminium alloy frame that folds in roughly 20 seconds. Once folded, it has one of the smallest forms in the market, making it great for storing in your closet and carrying on the train or subway. The seat height is adjustable and so is the handlebar height. It is also one of the cheapest folding bikes available and Amazon is currently offering a great bargain on it.

Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike

Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike

Product Features and Specifications
·Strong and lightweight aluminium alloy frame
·Single speed drive
·Linear pull brakes on the front and rear
·Unique collapsible design with a folding stem for portability
·Folds in under 20 seconds
·Adjustable seat and handlebar height
·Alloy wheels
·8 inch balloon tires
·Rear shock absorber
·Weight : 26 pounds
·Weight (shipping) : 29.2 pounds
·Max rider height : 6 feet

The reviews for the Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike have not been so positive, and it has a review rating of 3.3/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

While some of the customer feedback for the Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike has been very positive, there have also been a few complaints made by the reviewers about the product, which are worth discussing.

The biggest complaint with the Mini 8 is that it isn’t meant for serious commuting. Many reviewers complained that because of the 8 inch wheels, the bike should have been geared much higher. Due to the low gearing, one has to pedal quickly just to maintain walking speed.

Because of the Kent’s slow speed, maintaining balance is quite difficult.

A few reviewers also complained about the seat being hard. The Mini 8 is clearly not meant for long commuting.

One important point mentioned by a couple of reviewers is that the model that was shipped to them was different than the model advertised. The Mini 8 on the Amazon website has an adjustable handlebar, but the new model does not. This means that if you’re reasonably tall, you will have to crouch while riding. The manual and the box that came with the bike were for the older model, whereas the actual bike shipped was the new one without handlebar adjust.

Kent customer service is also a sore point with many customers. The warranty is not comprehensive and the representatives are quite poorly informed about the product.

The Positive Reviews

Despite the number of people who have had negative experiences with the Kent Mini 8, many of the customers of the bike are satisfied with their purchase.

Most positive reviews for the Mini 8 seem to go on and on about the bike’s novelty appeal. The Kent Mini 8 is meant to be a fun bike and it delivers wholeheartedly on that front.

Despite the ‘quirky’ design, the Mini 8 is actually a fairly sturdy bike and you don’t have to be a kid to ride it. The aluminium frame, apart from being lightweight, is also quite strong.

The Mini 8 is great for pedalling over short distances and it is decently portable, making it a great buy for small home owners and subway commuters.


Would we recommend the Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike to our readers?

We are unsure, and here is why:

The Kent Mini 8 is a fun, affordable solution to your short commuting needs. It is sturdy enough for a normal-sized rider and provides some great value bits that make it a reasonable buy.

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However, the Kent’s negatives do seem to outweigh its positives. It has been wrongly geared, making sensible pedalling impossible. It is quite slow and is as such unsuited for serious commuting. Problems with the new model (without adjustable handlebars) haven’t been sorted out and customer service is below par. For these reasons, the Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike is not a recommended purchase.

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