Nirve Ultraliner Women’s 3-Speed Automatic Shifting Hybrid Cruiser Bike Reviews

The Nirve Ultraliner Women’s 3-speed Automatic Shifting Hybrid Cruiser Bike features the Nirve proprietary 15-inch aluminium Sport Cruiser frame and Shimano’s smooth 3-speed automatic shifting technology. This basically means that when climbing hills and such, the bike will automatically shift to an appropriate gear, and vice-versa on easy terrain. No more worrying about manual gear changes.

The Nirve cruiser saddle and Sport Cruiser handlebars, meanwhile, take care of the rider’s position and comfort to ensure long hours of cruising pleasure. Other highlights include an alloy kickstand, and polycarbonate fenders that are resistant to impact. As a further deal-sweetener, the Ultraliner carries a 3-year frame warranty and a 1-year components warranty.

Nirve Ultraliner Women's 3-Speed Automatic Shifting Hybrid Cruiser Bike

Nirve Ultraliner Women’s 3-Speed Automatic Shifting Hybrid Cruiser Bike

Product Features and Specifications

  • Women’s hybrid cruiser bike
  • Nirve 15” Sport Cruiser frame (aluminium)
  • Lightweight alloy wheels (700c)
  • Shimano 3-speed automatic transmission mimics your car transmission to always keep you in the right gear.
  • Luxo-liner handlebars (alloy) for comfortable upright cruising
  • Nirve comfort saddle (with springs)
  • Polycarbonate fenders are tough and resistant to impact
  • Alloy kickstand
  • Warranty: 3 years (frame), 1 year (components)
  • 85% assembled if purchased via the internet

The Nirve Ultraliner Women’s 3-speed Automatic Shifting Hybrid Cruiser Bike has received favorable feedback at Amazon and is currently rated 4.2/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

The Nirve Ultraliner has garnered criticism from some quarters. A few negative comments are noteworthy in particular and should be borne in mind by the prospective buyer.

At the risk of nitpicking, we would just like to say that the Ultraliner’s saddle is a bit narrow. Most customers, however, are quite satisfied with the stock seat, though a few have gone in for replacements.

The Ultraliner is not cheap. However, most retail websites (including Amazon) are currently offering it at hefty discounts.

The Positive Reviews

The Nirve Ultraliner has gone down well with most users and there are many who feel that it can do no wrong.

The Nirve Ultraliner has been designed for seriously smooth and effortless riding.

Pedalling on the Ultraliner is quite easy and some elderly users have especially praised the bike for this aspect.

The Ultraliner’s forte, of course, is the Shimano 3-speed automatic system. Very much like your car’s automatic transmission, the 3-speed auto feature will choose the ideal gear for the current terrain. You no longer have to manually shift into a lower gear when climbing up an incline. Similarly, the Ultraliner will shift to a high gear when riding on flat, easier terrain.

Some users have commended it for being lighter than conventional cruisers, thanks to the bike’s lightweight aluminium frame.

The Nirve Ultraliner features adjustable handlebars for the optimal riding stance.

Lastly, the Ultraliner is a head-turner. Some customers have chosen it simply for its cute looks.


Would we recommend the Nirve Ultraliner Women’s 3-speed Automatic Shifting Hybrid Cruiser Bike to our readers?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

The Nirve Ultraliner has it all. It is sturdy. It is smooth and easy to pedal. It has a lightweight aluminium frame. It has a great 3-speed automatic drivetrain that makes for effortless cruising. And it looks cool. You couldn’t ask for a more responsive, rider-friendly bike to cruise the neighborhood with. Nirve has also thrown in fantastic 3-year and 1-year warranties for the Ultraliner’s frame and components respectively, further increasing the bike’s value.

The only downside to an otherwise great bike is the saddle which may be a tad narrow for some riders. Yes, the price might also be an issue, however the guys at Amazon (and a lot of other websites) are currently offering a good deal on the Ultraliner, which should bring it within your budget. In any case, the Nirve Ultraliner Women’s 3-speed Automatic Shifting Hybrid Cruiser Bike is a feature-packed, easy-riding women’s cruiser that offers good value for money. We recommend it highly.

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