Sonoma Women’s Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike Reviews

The Sonoma Women’s Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike combines a sleek, retro design with a modern, innovative chainless D-Drive system. The D-Drive system replaces the chain and derailleur (on traditional bikes) by using a drive shaft to transfit power from the pedals to the rear wheel. The rear wheel contains a Shimano gear system that helps in smooth running as well as pedal efficiency. The Shimano “twist and go” gear system is easy-to-use with the flick of a finger.

The benefits of a chainless D-Drive over tradition chain-and-derailleur systems are many: a quieter ride, no messy grease or lubrication, lesser maintenance, and better resistance to damage from falls and debris.

Other highlights include a lighweight aluminium frame, unicrown cruiser fork (steel), Kenda cruiser tread tires and tubes, high-density dual rubber handgrips. An interesting aspect of the bike is that it has a hand-brake and a coaster brake, both on the rear wheel. The Sonoma comes in a pink fusion finish with white and grey accents.

Sonoma Women's Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike

Sonoma Women’s Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike

Product Features and Specifications

  • Women’s bicycle
  • 26” wheels with alloy rims
  • Kenda cruiser tread tires and tubes
  • Chainless D-Drive system
  • Shimano Nexus Inter 3 rear hub (3-speed, sealed) with Revoshift shifter
  • Lightweight cruiser frame (aluminium)
  • Uni-crown cruiser fork (steel)
  • Dual-spring comfort saddle
  • Quick-release alloy seat post
  • “Bullhorn” cruiser handlebars with high-density rubber handgrips
  • Rear alloy V-brakes and coaster brake
  • Rubber mount pedals
  • Included fenders (front and rear)
  • Weight (shipping): 51 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime (frame and D-Drive system), 2 years (components)

The Sonoma Women’s Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike has received modest feedback at Amazon and is currently rated 3.2/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

A few users have pointed out certain flaws in the Sonoma Sunset Beach Cruiser. The ones that are particularly worth mentioning have been highlighted below.

The most frequent complaint concerns the fenders. The Sonoma’s fenders appear to be of a slightly cheap quality. A couple of reviewers have reported that the fenders constantly rub against the tires, even after manually aligning them. Some users have done away with the fenders altogether and ride the bike without them.

The hand brakes might need a fair amount of adjustment initially. A few users have had to go to their local bike shop to get the brakes adjusted by a mechanic.

A few users have complained that the Sonoma Sunset Beach Cruiser is a little heavy, for a women’s cruiser.

The Sonoma cannot be used on sand, as it may harm the gears.

The Positive Reviews

The Sonoma Sunset Beach Cruiser has gone down well with some users and there are those who feel that it can do no wrong.

Many users have appreciated the Sonoma’s D-Drive chainless feature which, in many ways, is an improvement over the traditional chain/derailleur system. The ride is smoother and quieter, there is no messy grease and the chainless system is more durable than a regular chain.

The Shimano system is quite effective and many users have appreciated the Sonoma’s smooth gear changing.

The Sonoma looks beautiful, with a classic cruiser frame, bullhorn-style handlebars, whitewall tires and a glorious pink fusion finish with grey and white accents.

The Sonoma’s slightly heavy weight makes it quite sturdy.


Would we recommend the Sonoma Women’s Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike to our readers?

We are unsure, and here’s why:

The Sonoma Sunset Beach Cruiser has many features that make it a quality product. It has a trendy yet efficient D-Drive system that eliminates the hassles that come with traditional chain/derailleur systems. It has a rear coaster brake and a rear hand brake. It has a 3-speed Shimano system that is sealed in the rear hub for protection from the elements. And it looks great.

However, the Sonoma’s negatives seem to outweigh its pros. It is considerably heavy (for a  women’s beach cruiser). Many customers have complained about the initial adjustment of the rear hand brake, which is tedious. In addition, the reports of poor-quality fenders and their constant rubbing against the tires are quite alarming.

Despite its high-value features and a truly inspired chainless drive system, the Sonoma Women’s Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike appears to have some basic design flaws which have resulted in a couple of nagging problems experienced by some users. For this reason, we don’t feel as if we can recommend it. For a regular chain-type (but more hassle-free) ride, we suggest trying the Nirve Lahaina or the Pacific Shorewood cruiser bike.

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