Which are the Best Folding Bikes?

There are many aspects that need to be considered when deciding which bike is the best. Some bikes may be easy and compact to fold, while others may offer a better ride. Some folders may be suited for short distances while others are more suited for touring. Bike prices also range from the ultra cheap (under $200) to premium (over $800).

Which are the best folding bikes

Which are the best folding bikes

However, some bikes have stood the test of time and emerged as the most respected models in the folding bike market, offering great value and workmanship making them the best sellers of today.

Dahon has a wide range of products, from the super affordable to the ultra premium. Possibly the largest folding bike maker in the market today, Dahon offers high quality at a reasonable price, apart from a great service network.

The Tern bikes are an outcrop of the Dahon company, and feature some excellent engineering thanks to the Dahon legacy. If you want the reliability of a Dahon without the company badge, look no further than Tern.

The Brompton folding bike is commonly considered the Rolls Royce of folding bikes, and is one of the most beautifully crafted bikes in the world. It is light, easy to fold and is compact enough for easy storage. The Brompton titanium models are some of the the lightest bikes around. Find them on amazon.

The Strida is perhaps the best and most elegant riding solution for short distance commutes. It looks great folded and is convenient to roll along. It also has the smallest fold among its competitors.

The Xootr is a lightweight bike that stands apart for for its customizing potential. It hardly uses proprietary parts and virtually every component is replaceable. Of course, the stock bike is a competent enough bicycle in its own right and will solve all your commuting needs with ease. Xootr also excels in its customer service.

Which are the best folding bikes

Which are the best folding bikes

Some folders have been especially designed for portability. The Airnimal is a quick folding bike, and can be dismantled for long distance, hard-case transport. Bike Friday offers excellent 20” folding bikes and is known for using high quality components. Some of the Dahon models come with their own specially designed carrying cases.

All the bikes mentioned here are truly capable machines that offer a great blend of folding convenience and riding pleasure. However, when choosing a folder for yourself, do look at other reviews as the market in folding bikes is huge. This write-up is only aimed at bringing to light the best known general-purpose folding bikes being sold today.


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