Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle Reviews

The Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle is a great looking folding bike with an angular frame and a classic design. Other than its ability to fold quite compactly, the Swift rides and feels like any regular bike. It can be folded in under 10 seconds and can even fit into some suitcases so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. The guys at Xootr have gone to great lengths to deliver a customized riding experience and all you have to do is give them details about your size and you shall have a Swift that has been configured to your specifications.

The Swift has been designed to take care of pretty much all your riding requirements, except serious off-roading and racing. The small wheel leaves plenty of room for luggage behind the rider, and can be put to good use by installing the Crossrack bicycle rack system. Customization is a major plus point and the guys at Xootr will even alter the gearing based on your usage and terrain.

Furthermore, almost every part on the Swift adheres to common standards as set by industry. This essentially translates into hassle-free parts replacement and repairing. The Swift may not be the tiniest folder, but then it doesn’t intend to be. Its primary purpose is to be a great riding bike and it successfully achieves that purpose. And at 24 pounds, it is one of the lightest folders around so transportation is not an issue.

Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle - Blue

Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle – Blue

Product Features and Specifications

  • Folds in under 10 seconds
  • Almost every part is industry standard, so replacement is not a problem
  • Lightweight, super stable and rigid Trusfold frame system with 6061-T6 custom aluminium tubing
  • CroMoly straight taper fork
  • 8 speed drivetrain
  • Weight : 24 pounds
  • Weight (shipping) : 30 pounds

The Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle – Blue has received some very positive reviews at Amazon.com and is currently rated 4.6/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

Although the Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle – Blue has received mostly positive feedback, it has received a few negative reviews from customers, who have found some of the features less than impressive.

As mentioned earlier, the Swift does not have the smallest fold. It chooses function over size, and while it is compact enough for most users, some customers complained that that they could not fit it under a seat, for example. This is not a big problem, however, as it is light and portable enough for most conditions. Any further reduction in size may hamper the Swift’s functionality, so if you’re in the market for a really compact folder, you may have to look elsewhere.

A few of the reviews mentioned a stiffer than normal ride. This may be attributed to the small wheels. If you too feel the jolt of every bump the bike rolls over, try changing the saddle for a softer Thudbuster one. Otherwise, the stock saddle is decent enough for most riders.

Another common enough concern seems to be for the styling. The Swift’s design may not appeal to conservative tastes. It is, however a unique and trendy design that treads the fine line between form and purpose. Many of the users actually praised the bike for it.

The Positive Reviews

With an average of 4.6 stars out of 5, the Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike, Brushed has obviously received a lot of positive feedback from its customers.

The Swift’s biggest forte is that it is infinitely customizable. The bike does not rely on proprietary parts and as such, any part can be replaced by a variety of industry standard upgrades to suit the individual rider.

At 24 pounds, it is really lightweight and many reviewers have complimented it for being ultra portable. It can be rolled fairly easily and can even fit into a large-ish hardshell Samsonite suitcase (after removing a few parts, of course).

Customers were quite taken aback by the speed and simplicity of folding, which is actually as fast as Xootr claims, folding in under ten seconds, and in some cases, in five!

8 speed gearing (as opposed to the standard 7 speed on similarly priced folders) is excellent for tackling most climbs. Many of the reviewers who live in hilly towns have been appreciative of this feature.

Despite its small wheels, the Swift is actually quite swift. With appropriate gearing, one can achieve good speeds on the bike without pedalling like a maniac (something that many folders are notorious for).

Xootr has generally impressed customers with its service, and any query has been promptly responded to and solved. The bike is duly test-ridden before delivery and as such problems with the bike have been rare.

There are a few other virtues of the bike that have appealed to reviewers. The locking system is quite elegant in design. Also, many of the stock components such as the saddle and the derailleur are of a very premium grade unlike other folders. Finally, though the bike’s fold may not be very small, it is quite narrow and can be stored easily by fitting it in between other items.


Would we recommend the Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle to our readers?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

The Xootr Swift is a handy and no-nonsense folding bike with several practical features and comes with unsurpassed potential for customization. However, if you’re not too keen on replacing every part in lieu of a seemingly better one, the stock bike, as it is shipped to you, will see you through to the end of your biking days. Also, you don’t have to worry about after-sales support with the Swift because there will always be a technician available at your beck and call. All in all, the Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle delivers excellent value and is highly recommended.

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